Daily Licking 031: Bass Line for Chorus 5 & 6 of Mr. P.C.

Well, caught up with the tenor solo finally, both are all the way up to chorus number 6.

This bass line keeps getting more and more interesting, this guy is just as nuts as Coltrane. Let us examine these next 24 measures.

A Measured Curve
Take a look at the shape of these two choruses. Roughly, the bass line follows a 4 measure pattern of phrases, with a nice arc to each four measure chunk, either going down, or going up.

In the second chorus, on measures 5-8 he almost does a complete two octave decent and the biggest distance between any note is a fourth (descending). Smooooooooth.
Rooting against Roots
Now, Mr. P.C has gone and started measures on notes other than the root before, we have seen that. But, starting with the last measure of chorus 1 and then for the first two measures of chorus 2, he doesn't play the root for three measures in a row. And instead of the root, he plays the second (D) on beat one, which is, well, not that common. Thirds, fifths, sure, but the second? And then in the third measure, the flatted 6th? Wah?

The plot thickens, because if one looks at that second measure of the second chorus, you could see how he is outlining a F min chord and then a G maj chord, like doing a little mini IV-V progression in one measure! Its a blues inside of blues wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma. He is wiley, this one.


Then to make up for not playing roots, he plays a C three times in the next 5 notes.
The Usual Suspects
Some other characters make return appearances:
  1. The pattern he plays right before the Ab, with the jump from Eb to Bb (flat third to flat seventh) makes another showing.
  2. The outline of the V chord thing he does twice, using a very similar digital pattern to the one Mr. Coltrane is famous for - R, 2, 3, 5 - or G, A, B, D. He does that in measure 2 of chorus 1, and the last measure of chorus 2.

There ya have it, more raw materials for increasing your own ridiculoso to molto supremo levels!

bass lick 4/4 tempo 260 | CMin7 c4 bb ab g | g a b d | c d eb f | g b eb d | Fmin c bb ab g | f eb c f | Cmin7 eb c d b | c d eb bb+ | Ab7 ab gb f eb | G7 d c b d | Cmin7 c d eb c| Cmin7 d b c g | CMin7 d+ f g bb | ab f g b | c b d c | c d eb e | Fmin f e eb d | c g d db | Cmin7 c+ g eb c | c b bb a| Ab7 ab g gb ab | G7 g a b d | Cmin7 c bb a bb | Cmin7 g a b d |

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