Flea Can Run A Marathon?


Apparently he can. Or at least he is gonna try. Glad to hear he is talking better care of himself these days, then uh, maybe he did, before, in the old days. Awesome.

He is going to run in The L.A. Marathon and do it for a really great cause, the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, which gives free music lessons to over 250 low-income kids. It looks like maybe this is something he helps fund or is definitely involved in somehow, which is very cool.

He is offering a free signed RHCP book to the first 50 folks that donate $45.00 to his running team.

All in all, pretty cool. In an era of musicians that are maybe a little too full of themselves and are more interested in discussing how unfair it is to have to sleep on fur pillows, it is cool that Flea is working so hard to help kids get into music and offer his talent and passion to the project.

Here is the link where you can read about more of it and contribute:


Freaky Styley is one dang awesome bass record. It was earlier in the RHCP's career, so if you are not familiar with the Chili Peppers before they became mega-mega rock stars check out that record for, in this bassos opinion, Mr. Flea's best playing.

That record shows just how truly funky Flea is. Go get it if you don't believe me. Check out, Jungle Man, American Ghost Dance, Freaky Styley(for some very funky double stops), and of course, Black Eyed Blonde.


Mike said...

Thanks for this - some useful stuff there, particularly the practice regime advice by Mr Goldsby - lots of great stuff in there. As if I didn't have enough to practice :)

Thanks for sharing & caring!

Mike said...

This was meant to be elsewhere!

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