Daily Licking 011: Here's That Funk, The Lady Said

bass lick tempo 88 4/4 | Cmin c8. g+16 r16 bb16 r16 d16~ d16 bb8.~ bb16 r8 g16 | Cmin c-8. g+16 r16 c16 g16 r16 a8 bb16 r16 r4|

Name that tune from just the bass line? Answer in the comments, and don't cheat and look in the "tags" tab either. Cheater.

This is one syncopated stanky bass line that notation does not do justice. This is only one pattern used, the player varies it a lot throughout the tune, but this is the main skeleton of a very globular cluster of funkosity.


Bassist Ridiculoso said...

And here be the answer:


Anonymous said...

Thats a funky line. This bass line makes me want to take off my panties....Annie?
-El Generalismo

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