Two Extremes Of Music & The Best Unspoken Look Ever

The two extremes of twentieth century music right there, Kenny G and Miles Davis in the same picture. This must have been at some festival or studio, although it looks like Kenny is going to play tennis or something.

KennyG is the one pointing, by the way. On the left.

Now, from everything I have read about Mr. Davis, I have to believe the next words out of his mouth were certain to contain one, if not all, of the following phrases - "jive ass", "curly haired" and "mother f@cker" in some various combination.


Anonymous said...

Great Photo. Too funny.


Anonymous said...

I know of Kenny G. I've heard his music in many an elevator. Miles looks like he's about to strangle him. He also looks like he's thinking..."This motherf@cker makes more money than me?"

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