The stuff worth learning. That's what Damian says.

I know re-posting articles is not exactly the height of insightful blogging...but this article by Damian Erskine is right on. When someone like him says "this is the stuff you need to know and should be practicing" it is worth listening too.

There is a reason there ain't no TAB up in here. It's gonna mess with your mind, son. Screw you up and hold you back. TAB takes away more than half of the information in any piece of music it represents. It's a trick that makes you think you are learning things and it is actually making you understand less about what you are playing. It is the pornography of bass playing. It puts all kinds of crazy ideas in your head about what bass playing is about that ain't real.

Damian Erskine's NoTreble article.

Lets see, what's Mr. Erskine talk about in that article...knowing how to spell chords,Um, check.

Let's see what else..um, arpeggios and their inversions, oh yea, check, check, and lets, see, check!
So there ya go.

Who ya gonna believe?

How good do you want to be?

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