One Month Old Today.


'Tis 30 short days ago Basso Ridiculoso was foisted upon the unsuspecting world. Here is what has happened so far:
  1. A total of 41 Posts.

  2. A grand total of 8,581 page views so far. That is about 284.7333333 per day.

  3. Most of you use Windows (52%), Firefox, (35%) and are from North America, although it has become quite the international incident.

    United States: 5,250
    United Kingdom:922
    Canada: 405
    Netherlands: 151
    Spain: 130
    France: 122
    Australia: 111
    Belgium: 88
    Russia: 81
    New Zealand: 75

  4. Talkbass supplies most of the traffic, followed by Facebook, surprisingly.

  5. The most popular pages are the ones with music on them. Shocking. The Autumn Leaves transcription is the most popular, with double the hits as the next closest page. Then comes the ii-v's posting, and then just barely behind, the "What People Want In Their Bass Player" article by Jake Hertzog to round out the top 3 pages of all time. The rest are all pages with music on them, a transcription or something.
So to everyone who has stopped by and visted, I want to say:
Thank You! Well done, lads! Thanks, eh! Dank u! Muchas Gracias! Merci! Thanks, mates! Spasibo!

I especially want to thank Jake, Damian, Nikita from Bopland, Mike, and everyone who left a comment or pointed out a clam in a transcription or played "Name That Tune".

There is lots more of what you have been getting loaded up and ready, so please keep coming back, comment freely, say what you like and don't like, and what you want to see more of.

And you can always email me directly at the address listed in my profile, or send me a message in all the usual places, twitter, facebook yadda yadda etc. etc.

Thanks for all the support, this has been a fun experience and has made me practice too!

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